Scholarships program for 2020-2021

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Announcing the 15th annual round of the "Hasib & Diana Tamari Sabbagh” Academic/Athletic Scholarships for basketball players

ACS Athens announces the 15th annual round of Scholarships for student/athletes (basketball) for the school year 2020-21. These scholarships are intended for new students entering the American high school (Grade 9 or 10) and cover a maximum of 4 years of tuition in ACS Athens.

The "Hasib Sabbagh & Diana Tamari Sabbagh" Athletic Scholarships will be awarded to two boys and two girls student/athletes in basketball.

Scholarship Criteria:

The recipients will be determined based on the following criteria:

Applicants must:

  • Pass the ACS Athens Admissions Test in English & Mathematics
  • Prove their Basketball skills and sportsmanship (undergo an athletic tryout session and submit coach recommendations, if a member of a team)
  • Submit academic records from previous school(s) - 2 years minimum
  • Have a positive personality and character
  • Be willing to participate in basketball training sessions and games of the school team during the ACS Athens basketball season
  • Demonstrate need of financial assistance (latest tax returns of parents and E9 real estate declaration required)

A personal interview and the athletic tryout session will be required to demonstrate basketball skills. That will take place after the application deadline (to be announced).

Submitting an Application • Application Deadline

To submit an application for the scholarships, visit the Admissions page here

Interested student/athletes must apply the latest by June 1, 2020.

Annie Constantinides @ Restart Basketball • May 17 2020

Purpose of Scholarship

The purpose of the "Hasib Sabbagh & Diana Tamari Sabbagh” Academic/Athletic Scholarships is to offer the opportunity to eligible students to attend the best American international school of Greece, while cultivating the prospects of scholarships in higher education institutions abroad. Scholarship recipients will be challenged in Academics and in Athletics, and will be given a unique opportunity to reach a higher standard education while doing what they love: play basketball.

The scholarship funds will be available to the recipients as long as they comply to the rules and regulations of the Athletic Scholarships, and the code of conduct of ACS Athens, as it is described in the school's policy.