School Supply list

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  • Scientific calculator with statistics mode for standard deviation. Other buttons it must have: xy, 1/x, and exponent-to-the-base-ten at least. Read the instruction book (do not buy a calculator before talking to your teacher);
  • A4 size notebook for lab work, talk to your teacher before you buy one;
  • Spiral notebooks(s) for lecture notes;
  • Storage system (your choice - binder, folders, etc) for organization of accumulated handouts and worksheets. Current papers must be brought to each class meeting, (e.g. in a folder); accumulated files should be organized  by topics after each test so that they are ready to review for semester exam;
  • Graph paper, millimeter squares;
  • Metric ruler, transparent, both for measuring and as a straight edge;
  • Pencils for data collection and calculations;
  • Soft pencils for biological drawing;
  • Soft white erasers;
  • Ballpoint pens, blue or black;
  • Highlighters.


  • A4 size notebook with holes for class notes;
  • Binder and folders for organizing handouts, worksheets, assessments and notes;
  • Loose leaf paper;
  • Graph paper, millimeter squares;
  • Geometry set that includes a compass, protractor and ruler;
  • Writing utensils including: pencils, pens, highlighters, eraser and sharpener. 
  • Calculator:
    • Scientific calculator: required for all 9th grade courses, Business Mathematics and Hearth of Mathematics;
    • Graphic display calculator (GDC): Required for all other courses in the Academy including IB and AP courses. The  CasioFX-CG50 Graphic Display Calculator will be used for class instruction in these courses. Do not buy a calculator before talking to your teacher.

Language A

  • Loose leaf paper and two ring binders;
  • Spiral notebook;
  • Plastic sheets to fit in binder;
  • White-out;
  • Pens and pencils, highlighters, eraser, sharpener;
  • Dictionary - American Heritage;
  • Thesaurus.

Language B

  • Loose leaf paper and binders with dividers;
  • Spiral notebook;
  • Plastic sheets to fit in binder;
  • White-out;
  • Pens and pencils, highlighters, eraser, pencil sharpener;
  • Dictionary - According to the language the student is studying;
  • USB Stick.

Humanities / Social Studies

  • A4 size spiral notebook for class notes;
  • Binder / folders for organizing handouts, assessments, essays and notes;
  • Plastic pocket folders with holes to hold handouts in the binder;
  • Loose leaf paper;
  • Writing utensils, for instance: pencils, pens, highlighters, eraser and sharpener.

Physical Education

  • ACS Athens P.E. uniform;
  • Sneakers;
  • Deodorant;
  • Socks;
  • Hair bands for long hair;
  • Small towel (optional);
  • Goggles to protect eyeglasses (optional, at own risk);
  • A bag to bring clothes home & back to school.

IB Visual Arts

Although materials will be provided during lessons in the classroom, IB Visual Art students should have a variety of basic art supplies at home.

  • A3 black journal (hard cover) with good quality drawing paper;
  • A3 block aquarelle paper;
  • A3 good drawing paper;
  • Watercolor paint set;
  • 8-pack or more of acrylic paints;
  • Paintbrushes of various sizes (at least 5 different sizes/brush shapes);
  • Soft Pencils (2B/4B/6B);
  • 12-pack or more of soft colored pencils;
  • Vine and Compressed charcoals;
  • An eraser for pencils and one for charcoal;
  • Black thin pens;
  • A ruler;

Optional supplies to consider keeping at home

  • Various sizes canvases;
  • Oil paints;
  • Oil or chalk pastels;
  • A3 cutting board;
  • Cutting knife;
  • UHU liquid and stick glue;
  • Block of tracing paper;
  • Markers.


  • Mechanical pencil (size 0.7);
  • A protractor;
  • A drawing compass;
  • 2 triangular rulers (45 and 30-60 degrees);
  • Thin black marker.


DSLR CAMERA with an 18-55mm lens (if it has an extra zoom lens of 55-200mm it would be great but it is not required).