Student Experience

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ACS Athens has always been a vibrant community and student life has without a doubt reflected the positive energy found on campus. Throughout our rich 70 year old history, student life has been at the forefront of our daily activities. Whether it be travelling to Cairo for a Cross Country competition, competing in the ISST Tournament, being part of the debate team, going to the Hague to represent a country at the Model United Nations, creating artwork for the Visual Arts Exhibition, writing school news for ‘The Owl,’ raising awareness for food aid in Greek schools, or saving the waves, students enjoy a plethora of activities where they can pursue their interests outside the classroom, enabling them to become well-rounded individuals and embracing our ‘Holistic, Meaningful, and Harmonious’ approach.

ACS Athens is especially proud of the surge in student-led clubs and activities that have been present over the past few years. The student life experience at ACS Athens is one that encourages student voice and presence within our community, as well as in the greater community and our students have shown a genuine interest by being the change they wish to see in the world (Ghandi, 1947).