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ACS Athens, a Pre K-12 International school located in Athens, Greece, has been at the forefront of educational innovation since 1945. Our latest initiative is “ACS Athens Virtual,” which offers online courses for high school credit.

All of our student-centered, authentic and academically rigorous online courses are offered for high school credit from ACS Athens. Notably, our school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) with its highest “Sustaining Excellence” accreditation protocol.

ACS Athens is also accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization for the IB® Diploma since 1976 and is authorized by The College Board to teach Advanced Placement courses as well as the AP Capstone Program.

Our online courses provide great opportunities for students to learn through authentic and diverse teaching and learning modalities that constitute and further extend the i²Flex methodology. Developed 12 years ago at ACS Athens, this blended teaching methodology specifies that student learning occurs in the following dimensions:

  • i: independent, yet teacher-guided learning;
  • i: inquiry-based learning;
  • Flex: flexible learning in a virtual classroom setting

The outstanding faculty of ACS Athens, trained to teach both i²Flex and online courses, bring the academic excellence of ACS Athens courses to the online mode by promoting learner-centered instructional designs and experiences, while at the same time maintaining student-teacher contact through synchronous and asynchronous virtual class projects and meetings. The inclusion of formative and summative assessments (learn more here) as well as the continuous support and monitoring of student progress, provide a holistic approach to student learning and performance. Last but not least, student support mechanisms for enrollment, orientation, academics, technical, and counseling are firmly in place.