Recently, our Greek Language students, accompanied by President Pelonis and Ms. Katerina Pisanias, embarked on an extraordinary educational adventure, immersing themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Greece at the Cavafy Archive and the illustrious Onassis Library.

At the Cavafy Archive, students were transported into the poet's world. Immersed in an exhibition showcasing Cavafy's personal artifacts — his desk, armchair, family photographs, handwritten poems, and letters — they gained intimate insights into the life and experiences that shaped his remarkable poetry.

But the exploration didn't stop there. In the grand neoclassical halls of the Onassis Library, students were treated to a visual feast of original paintings by renowned Greek artists. Guided through the corridors of literary history, they traced the evolution of books from Gutenberg's revolutionary printing press (which produced the first-ever printed book, the Bible) to the influential Riga's map, pivotal in the Greek Revolution.

Venturing further, students stepped into the world of Aristotle Onassis himself. A meticulous replication of his office, adorned with items from his Monte-Carlo office and his legendary yacht, provided a glimpse into the life of this legendary figure. As an added treat, they even encountered Maria Callas' piano, a tangible link to another era of cultural greatness.

This multi-sensory example of experiential learning accelerates learning by fostering a deeper understanding of Greek culture and history.