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Connecting - Supporting - Informing

The ACS Athens Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) sends out a warm welcome to our community of parents, students, faculty, and staff representing approximately 60 nationalities. We proudly work together to give our children the best educational experience possible.

The PTO Board is made up of 8 members and a teacher representative from each school. Our mission is to Connect, Support, and Inform parents, faculty, and students on campus and online.


We connect our community through meetings and events. Please watch for our announcements through school-wide emails, Facebook, our FB Community Share Page, the PTO notice board (by the transportation office), and the LED bulletin board.

ACS Athens FSNF/Buddy Mentoring Program

The ACS Athens PTO is very happy to be reimplementing the Families Sponsoring New Families program (FSNF).

This, along with the Buddy Mentoring Program will make ACS Athens an even more welcoming and friendly experience.

Would you and your family like to connect with and support a new family?

Many families arrive not knowing anyone or anything about the city and need local information as well as facts about the school. It is also very important that new students feel connected and welcomed right from the beginning.

If you would like to sponsor a new family please register here.

Once you register you will receive a permission form to fill out so the school can share your information.

We will try to match families with kids that are of similar ages and live near each other.

Share a warm smile, a welcoming hand, vital school info and even where to find the best spanakopita or a great tennis coach and all the interesting things to see and do in Athens.

If you are a new family at ACS Athens you can sign up for the program when you register with the Admissions Office.

We are committed to welcoming and connecting new families at ACS Athens.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Social Media

Facebook Page: Through our Facebook page, we keep our community informed about upcoming events.

ACS Athens Community Share Page on Facebook: This is somewhere for our ACS Athens families to share information, ask questions, and connect with other ACS Athens families. Buy, sell, rent, borrow, and inform on this community page. We also support local businesses. Are you looking for a store that sells something specific? Ask here! Are you looking for a summer camp for your children? Ask here! We want to build our ACS Athens family community by supporting and learning from each other!

Instagram page: On our Instagram page, we upload posts from all PTO activities at ACS Athens - Follow us so you'll never miss an update!


Parent and Principals' Coffee Meetings: We organize a meeting with principals and parents on the first Wednesday of every month. These meetings are a friendly forum where parents can get answers to their questions directly from principals and staff. We had great success with our virtual meetings during the lockdown, and we are continuing with virtual meetings until the Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted.

PTO General Meeting: Everyone is invited! This is where we can discuss issues, update PTO events and finances, and talk about future plans.

PTO Events: To connect with parents and the community, we organize the following yearly events. Please check the ACS calendar for exact dates:


Through our events, we can contribute to ACS Athens in support of our students. Our contributions have included: classroom starboards, computer labs, mobile laptop units, student lockers, a future gymnasium floor, books, and DVDs.

Excursions for Parents and Families: We organize professional seminars and parent excursions to many interesting places for our parent community, including museums, galleries, and historic sites. We have also organized cooking classes and family hikes. We look forward to hearing your ideas on exciting activities. For new families, this is a great way to connect to the community and make friends.

Charity Drives: The ACS Athens PTO also raises money for local charities through their school sales. When we see a need in the community, we organize book donations/drives, clothes and shoes for those in need.


PTO webpage on the ACS Athens Website: On our ACS Athens website page, you will find photographs and information about our Athens community's events, excursions, activities, and charity drives.

PTO Internal Website: The minutes from all our PTO General Meetings and the Parent and Principals' Coffee Meetings and the recordings of our Virtual Meetings are published on our internal PTO website. You can also find other informational links here, such as picture galleries and important Covid 19 links.

Monthly Newsletter: The PTO publishes a monthly newsletter with current events that is emailed to all parents and uploaded on the ACS website.

Volunteer with us

Volunteering is an essential part of the ACS Athens mission with students as well as parents and families. It would be our pleasure to welcome anyone who might be interested in joining us for a fun and exciting year ahead. We think most parents would agree that serving on the PTO is a great way to not only support your student's journey through school but to have the opportunity to work closely with the faculty and administration, encouraging positive working relationships for the benefit of our children's ACS Athens experience. Please email the PTO at with your information.

The ACS Athens PTO Board looks forward to meeting you.

On behalf of the Parent Teacher Organization we warmly welcome you to the American Community School of Athens - a community of parents, students, faculty and staff representing 63 nationalities, spanning across the globe. As an ACS parent, you are automatically a member of the PTO; no registration is required.

Our Goals are:

  • to bring together the diversity and multinationalism of the entire community through events and fund-raising for the educational benefit of our children and
  • to express the thoughts of the parents to the school effectively and to all work together for positive changes.

We believe that most parents would agree that serving on the PTO is a great way to not only support our children's journey through school but to have the opportunity to work closely with the faculty and administration, creating positive working relationships for the benefit of our children/s ACS Athens education.

Our announcements are made through school-wide emails, our Facebook page (ACS-Athens-PTO), this web page, school notice boards, the PTO notice board (by the transportation office) and the electronic bulletin board.

PTO By-Laws & Constitution

According to its by-laws and constitution, the purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for parents and teachers to meet in an atmosphere of friendliness and understanding that they may cooperate in advancing the schools' standard of education by:

  1. Supporting the schools's goals through volunteer service, fundraising activities, and enhanced educational opportunities for students (see latest in PTO News & Events);
  2. Facilitating communication between parents and the schools; and
  3. At the discretion of the Executive Board, providing a forum for discussion of important issues and, where appropriate, informing the schools' administration and Board of Education of the opinions of the members of the organization.

For your reference, please feel free to download the new PTO Constitution and By-Laws which were enacted in April 2007.

Constitution & By-Laws