The local cross country competition took place on Friday, November 4th at the Syngrou Park on an unusually hot day.  Students from St. Lawrence, Byron College, ISA, Campion and St. Catherine's joined us for two races:  the 3km race for JV runners and the 5km race for the varsity runners. A total of 151 runners in all categories gave it their best to finish and to perform at their best despite the hot weather.

The ACS Athens runners used this event as a final preparation stage for their upcoming ISAA International competition in Vienna which will mark the end of their season. In all categories, our runners had exceptional results (click here for ALL the results); more specifically:

In the JV Girls race of 56 runners in total, ACS Athens captured top placements: Rea Tsivou in 3rd place (14:35.8), Ami Koyama in 4th place (14:46.3) and Funing Yang in 5th place (14:58.1). 

In the JV Boys race of 59 runners, the ACS Athens runners finished in 2nd place (Jasper Hirano - 12:53.0), 3rd place (Finn Buswell-Schneider - 13:04.0) and 5th place (Xuyuan Len-Hu - 13:16.4)

In the Varsity Girls race of 10 runners, our runners finished in 1st, 2nd and 3d place: Elli Gerontikos (23:19.8), Evdoxia Mikros (23:38.0) and Jessie Neel (24:26.0).

In the Varsity Boys race of 26 runners, Fergus Davison finished in 2nd place (20:29.3) and Denis Romain in 5th place (21:01.0).

Congratulations to all the ACS Athens runners for their efforts and performance! A few more days of practice until their international competition!