In the last few days, our student athletes traveled to Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Geneva and Vienna to participate in the volleyball, soccer and cross country competitions organized by the International Schools Athletics Association: a new conference consisting of 16 international schools!

Congratulations to all the student-athletes that represented ACS Athens at these ISAA championships in Europe. They made our school and our whole community proud with their achievements and outstanding conduct through those tournaments.

Special mention to our Boys Volleyball team for their 4th place and our incredible Cross Country team that placed in every age category: 1st in the JV girls category, 2nd in the JV boys category, and 3rd in the Varsity boys and girls categories. Congratulations to the individual medal winners: Evdoxia Mikropandremenou - 3rd place and Jessica Neel - 2nd place.

A great way to end their fall season! Congrats to ALL the student- athletes for their effort through the season and to the coaches for guiding them along the way!