The ISAA Tennis championship took place at the Marathon Tennis Club on May 25th & 26th and it was a fun-filled event with great performances by the student-athletes. Tennis players from Cairo American College, Marymount International School, TASIS - England, the American International School of Israel and ACS Athens competed in the boys and girls singles and boys and girls doubles categories. 

Congratulations to the ACS Athens tennis players for capturing first place in their first appearance in an ISAA tournament; Great performance by Zoe Kefala (1st in girls singles), Georgios Glavas (2nd in boys singles), Deniz Karvouni & Ellie Gerontikos (1st in Doubles 1), Lydia Gerontikos & Chloe Papakonstantinou (1st in Doubles 2), Ermis Koumetakis- Fokas & Manolis Georgakopoulos (2nd Boys Doubles 1).

Well done athletes and coaches!