In the past few days, four JV tournaments took place at Campion, ISA and St. Lawrence.  

On November 16th, St. Lawrence hosted the JV Boys Soccer and JV Girls Volleyball tournaments on their campus facilities. The ACS Athens teams faced fierce competition in both events; The boys finished in third place (tie with St. Lawrence 1-1, and a win against Byron (2-0). The girls finished in fourth place, having one loss against St. Lawrence (0-2) and a win vs. St. Catherines (2-0).

On November 20th, the JV girls soccer team played at Campion, with one win vs. Campion (5-0), a loss vs. Catherines (0-4) and a tie with St. Lawrence (0-0), finishing in 3rd place.  At the same time, ISA hosted the JV boys volleyball tournament and the boys team came back with the 1st place trophy!

Congratulations to all our student-athletes and their coaches for their efforts and sportsmanship throughout the season! Well done!