The ACS Athens Basketball Festival took place on Saturday, February 17th and it was a day full of basketball for ALL our teams with exciting games and skills challenges.  

The JV girls basketball team played against the U14 ZAON basketball team and it was a close game; both teams fought hard and in the end our young JV girls team prevailed.   

Our Varsity team also played against the same club but the U16 youth team; while the score was close during the entire game, our girls fell short.  It was a great prep game as they are getting ready for their ISAA tournament coming up in a few weeks.

Next on schedule were both the JV boys Varsity boys teams playing against the U14 and U18 Melissia basketball teams; our JV boys lost their game and their effort was commendable until the final buzzer!  In the final matchup of the day, our Varsity boys won as they dominated on both ends of the court! 

Congratulations to Stelios Martzoukos for winning the 3 point contest!

It was  a FULL and FUN day of basketball for our athletes and coaches!