Civic Responsibility

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The Citizenship Office is passionately dedicated to developing practices that will improve the lives of those in need. Our student body embraces this mission and tackles projects that aim to alleviate social injustice and/or raise environmental awareness. We are pleased to share with you the projects that are taking place this school year.


Ongoing: Karellio Alzheimer’s Center, Elderly Visits - Middle School

School year 2018-19 has marked the Middle School’s second straight year in visiting the Karellio Alzheimer’s Center, where students from all 3 grades spend 3 hours a day, once per week, visiting the Elderly there. Students have called this a remarkable experience, as their sense of compassion has not only increased, but has helped in fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to the larger community.


Holiday Shoe Box - Service Leaders Club

More than 350 Christmas Gift boxes were donated from the ACS Athens Community for the Holiday Shoe Drive that took place between December 3rd - December 18th. The gifts were donated to the Good Samaritan Social and Medical Center, which serves refugee women by providing them with access to doctors, medicine, use of washing machines, hot meals, and lessons in English.


Winter Clothes Drive - ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ (Kinonós) Club

For the second year in a row, the ΚΟΙΝΩΝΟΣ (Kinonós) Club has taken the initiative to collect winter clothes and blankets for the homeless. This year, 8 boxes of winter clothing were delivered to an organization aiding the homeless in the downtown area of Athens.


We care, therefore we share! - Elementary School Student Council

The Elementary Student Council, which has representatives from 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, started the year with community service by collaborating with the Halandri Municipality Food Bank. Approximately 100 bottles of olive oil were collected and delivered to the food bank. Student Council members had the opportunity to visit and talk with volunteers and observe what a food bank is, how it is run, and why it is needed. They also made cards expressing their wishes for the holidays to the citizens of Halandri. The Student Council members were excited to be part of this initiative, and very proud that they were able to spread awareness to help those in need.


Archelon Sea Turtle Foundation - Save the Wave Club

Student-led "Save the Wave" Club have done 4 fundraisers this year so far and raised over 200 Euros for Archelon Sea Turtle Foundation (all bake sales have been plastic-free). As the weather gets warmer, the club will be doing beach clean-ups.