This year two consecutive but equally exceptional IB Visual Arts Exhibitions took place showcasing the works of fifteen talented young artists. Both exhibitions took place in the Theatre Lobby. The first one was held between March 29th and April 1st and the second one was from April 5th to April 8th, 2022.

A plurality of concepts and approaches in their art was shown in a multitude of mediums including drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital photographs, fashion pieces, videos, and installations. All exhibits included curatorial rationale and exhibition texts beneath all work to form a coherent body of works, showcasing both technical competence and conceptual qualities. 

The students who participated in the exhibition are as follows:

  • Adamopoulou, Arianna
  • Bello, Emma
  • Chatzioti, Anna
  • Kassalia, Steleeza
  • Kefala, Anna 
  • Korsakova, Liza
  • Kyriakousi, Asimina
  • Lousides, Markella
  • Makarigakis, Max
  • Michaelidou, Ellie
  • Papaioannides, Jason
  • Perakis, Gaby
  • Rocco, Jelena
  • Stamoulakatou, Maria
  • Tsakiris, Ellie