From Sarah Kaldelli, OLP Director & Antigoni Karnesioti, Academy OLP Specialist

In a recent communication with our alums, we asked for them to reflect on their experience in OLP and ACS Athens overall. One response Antigoni Karnesioti (Academy OLP Specialist) received showcases a student's understanding of the support provided and inspires us all to keep advocating for and promoting, our students' strengths. 

Now a successful college student, he reflected, "If I had to summarize my experience with the OLP at ACS, I would say that it aided me in interacting with the school more directly while also tailoring my learning experience to better suit me as an individual. The way this subtle intervention materialized continuously changed throughout my time with the program, but this always came as a response to alterations in my relationship with the school itself; and by remaining ultimately flexible, the people and the program managed to remain invaluable to me, throughout my time with them."