From the HR team

Improving employee engagement and promoting a productive work environment

As reflective practitioners, it is essential for us to listen to feedback and use it as a tool for growth and improvement. This means creating an environment where feedback is encouraged, valued, and acted upon. 

So, we listened, and what we heard was the need to improve our HR processes and enhance the employee experience.

After extensive research, we embarked on a project to develop a new internal ACS Athens HR site. We worked intensively to create a customized intranet platform that would meet the needs of our organization.

The ACS Athens HR site aims at improving employee engagement and promoting a more productive work environment. The platform provides employees with a user-friendly and attractively modern interface that allows employees to manage their own HR needs, such as leave requests, immigration labor law paperwork, and so much more.

Overall, the new HR internal site helps create a more productive and engaging work environment. It also  supports employee growth and development and improves HR processes’ efficiency. The HR team continues to monitor and update the site to meet the organization’s and employees’ changing needs.