Visual Arts

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Elementary School

In Elementary all K-5 students are offered Art and Music as part of specialist classes.

In the Art classes’ students in all grades manage to develop competencies in demonstrating knowledge and understanding of forms, styles, ideas and functions of art. They apply skills, techniques, media and processes to create and present art. They use the language of art to critique, assess, analyze and communicate. They also make connections between art and other disciplines, personal experience, world history and cultures.

Through the Music classes students manage to integrate elements of music with melodies, rhythm and musical devices to perform and/or compose music. Among other things children develop a multitude of skills; they correct their articulation and increase their aural memory as well as develop a clear understanding of harmony.

Middle School

In Middle school curriculum all students in 6th grade are offered a semester of Drama 6, in 7th grade a semester of Music 7 and in 8th grade a semester of Design 8.

In addition to the Core Curriculum students have the opportunity to choose an elective course between Art Studio, Beginning Instrumental Music or Intermediate Instrumental Music. These are yearly courses for joined 6-8 graders.

When students acquire skills, whether these are observational drawing and painting skills, writing, speaking and performing abilities or singing and playing music instrument expertise they all help them develop  the means necessary for self-expression and aesthetic appreciation. In each of our different areas the students explore various techniques and media, experiment with different stylistic approaches, engage in authentic creative processes and manage to perform in or produce their own projects thus discovering the joy and pride of being authentically creative.


In Academy Visual Arts is offered through Semester courses in joined 9-12 classes.

There is a multitude of choices offered: Graphic Art, Design, Digital Photography as well as Drawing and Painting I and II.IB Visual Arts is offered to 11th and 12th graders. It is a two years program and its assessment is aligned with the IBO course requirements.

There are many job opportunities related to Art. Art is everywhere! Wherever one looks everything is designed by people; houses, furniture, products. We have alumni students that have studied Fine Arts, Architecture, Animation, Graphic Art, Interior Design, Cinema Make Up or Commercial Art. By combining Art with other disciplines students can study Art Psychology, Art Gallery/Museum Management or Art Directing to name a few. Even Engineering with Entrepreneurship is elevated when is linked with Art skills.

Practicing Art is not important only to those that will study it further. Follow art subjects, help students develop a lifelong appreciation of the Arts as well as acquire skills like patience, concentration, creativity and coordination. It is a vital part to a holistic education.