In Academy Visual Arts is offered through Semester courses in joined 9-12 classes.

There are a multitude of choices offered: Graphic ArtDesignDigital Photography as well as Drawing and Painting I and II.IB Visual Arts is offered to 11th and 12th graders. It is a two-year program and its assessment is aligned with the IBO course requirements.

Many job opportunities are related to Art. Art is everywhere! ACS  alumni have studied Fine Arts, Architecture, Animation, Graphic Art, Interior Design, Cinema Makeup or Commercial Art. By combining Art with other disciplines students may study Art Psychology, Art Gallery/Museum Management or Art Directing to name a few. Even Engineering with Entrepreneurship is elevated when it is linked with Art skills.

Practicing Art is not important only to those who will study it further. Following art subjects, help students develop a lifelong appreciation of the Arts as well as acquire skills, such as patience, concentration, creativity and coordination. Art is vital to a holistic education.