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Despite the COVID19 epidemic, we carried out several projects, targeting the improvement of premises and raising the campus standards, for the benefit of our students and community.

Structural Strengthening and Renovation of Annex building

During the last year, our main effort has been focused onto the structural upgrade and architectural renovation of the Annex building. It has been a challenging and complicated project that demanded a lot of initiative and efficient collaboration among the various contractor parties involved.

The foundation of the building as well as the beams and columns has been significantly reinforced rising the structural strength to current building standards. Architecturally, all its outside face was fully renovated and re-painted.

In parallel, its main electromechanical components have been revamp or redesigned, as part of an ongoing plan.

Sewage system has been completely re-designed, leading to a more efficient and easy to maintain system. Heating system has been partially renovated as a first phase intervention; we plan to completely renovate it in the near future.

The roof waterproofing has been fully replaced with modern high standards materials, such as double layers of bitumen reinforced sheets.

The surrounding outdoor areas are in process to be also reshaped. We are still working with architects to determine the new design and we expect to finalize those plans soon. Upon completion we would have some completely new play areas and green playgrounds, offering to our students a new pleasant environment for joyful activities.


New purchased land

A new land situated adjacent to our campus was recently purchased. The first planning step was to take down the old building and properly clean and arrange the whole area. Our near future plan is to build new student and faculty facilities, offering them more space and comfort. The design process is still in progress.



Basketball and volleyball outdoor courts

We fully renovated the outdoor basketball court floor, leveling and paving the floor with shock-absorbing material. We also completely replaced all the associated equipment, the main posts, the backboards, and the rims. As a last point, we changed the color of the floor to shades of blue and yellow, to match the ACS colors.


Fire Safety Protection

We installed additional fire hose station cabinets in the indoor gym and pool areas to increase the standards of fire safety. The fire cabinets are connected to the main water pressure fire pump and are fed directly from a water tank designated for this purpose.

Electric Power substation

The oldest of the two schools main electrical power sub-station has been renovated including a complete replacement of the mainboard and electrical panels. Next year, we plan to replace the main transformer of the substation to ensure maximum safety of operation.


Garytou Str. - Secondary Entrance to the school

During the school’s rush hours, outside our school’s secondary entrance/exit at Garytou Street, there is significant car traffic making the crossing of the road highly dangerous for our students. We contacted the Chalandri Municipality authorities and requested additional traffic signage, road marks, and traffic warning flashlights. In order to expedite the whole process, the school collaborated with the City Hall, purchasing with its own funds the required signs and photovoltaic flashlights.


Diesel generator

An external fuel tank has been adjusted to the emergency diesel generator of the campus, in order to increase the operation time capacity of the generator, in case of a power outage. The generator supports all the critical operations of the school, like cameras, telephony, security lighting, intruder building alarm systems, fire detection systems, computer network, and servers.


New telephone system

Our telephone system has been replaced with a new state-of-the-art Cisco IP Telephony system. We installed the server and 113 IP Phones school-wide. The new phone system gives all our users access to advanced features such as call recognition voicemail, conference calls, directory service. The IT Department has taken up the management of the new call center providing versatility and instant support to users.



Our WiFi capability has been expanded by installing more than 30 Access Points. Our school-wide WiFi has now 100% campus coverage and can handle clients at high density everywhere. All critical areas (Academy and Middle School Classrooms) have been upgraded with best of its class Access Points, Cisco Aironet 2700 or 3700 providing AC Wave 1 speeds up to 1300Mbps.


Computer Equipment and Furniture

A significant amount of equipment was purchased, such as laptops, smart boards, video projectors, computer document cameras, video cameras, student desks, office furniture, e.t.c., many of them to satisfy the additional needs generated by COVID19.

Appreciation to Donors and Maintenance dept. 

We would like to sincerely thank our school’s Capital projects donors for their time, effort, and provided funds. They assisted in purchasing the school’s new phone system, new furniture and funded the renovation of the athletic courts. 

Also, we would like to thank our school’s maintenance team for their tireless support and continuing dedication to ACS vision, which allowed us to complete the projects timely despite the very challenging pandemic conditions.