Every summer, ACS Athens undertakes renovations of the buildings and refurbishes the school grounds so that our students can enjoy a renovated and beautiful environment each September. This summer was busy with many changes all over the campus. Some of the major projects are described below:

1) In the Academy three new offices were created for the Divisions Chairs:

  • Dr. Andreas Tsokos, Division Chair for Science, Mathematics and Technology
  • Ms. Janet Karvouniaris, Division Chair for Humanities and Arts; and
  • Ms. Kathy Jasonides, Division Chair for Languages and Literature.

We also created a new Conference Room and Teachers’ Lounge/workspace. The IB Office was repainted, tiles were laid and it was refurnished.

  • Mr. Medeiros, Director of the Institute of Innovation and Creativity (IIC) and
  • Ms. Perakis, Director of the Learning Enhancement Program

were also established in new offices at the back of the Academy building.

2) The Elementary School basement was renovated and is being used by Drama, Dance and IB Theater classes for rehearsals and open classroom performances.

3) The H/S and M/S cafeteria was completely redecorated with the help and advice of the PTO Cafeteria Committee. The area was repainted and new furniture was purchased so students and staff may enjoy lunch in a pleasant environment.

4) Eight Smartboards and eight projectors were purchased and installed in school classrooms. We would like to thank the PTO for its generous donation towards this project.

5) Six new iPads were purchased for an innovative educational initiative.

6) Fifty new desks were purchased for IB testing.

7)In the pool area, there were several important upgrades; a safety fence was put up around the pool, membranes were put on the windows for insulation, new machines for water filtering were installed and a foot-cleansing area was put at the entrance of swimming pool for our athletes to use.

8) The roof of the Administration Building was fully insulated.

9) The grassy area near the Annex was re-sodded.

10) We purchased a new piece of land next to the ACS Athens parking lot to be used for future educational purposes.

11) Finally, more than a hundred work order requests were implemented by our Maintenance Department for the painting of classrooms, furniture repairs, installation of air conditioners and renovation work around the campus.

We would like to thank Ms. Apostolides , architect and ACS Parent, for her consultation on these many projects, as well as the ACS Athens maintenance team whose help proved invaluable for the realization of the summer renovation projects.

You can view samples of the projects below: