Suggested Summer Reading and Math Assignments

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Summer is a wonderful time to read for pleasure and explore mathematics in the world around you. Students are asked to take advantage of this relaxing time to read, read, and read some more. Parents are highly encouraged to read with and to their children as often as possible.

The recommended titles for summer reading include genre specific to fiction, non-fiction, and mathematical concepts, which can be found in the Summer Math Fun packets below. In the reading lists we have included books that appeal to various ages, interests and reading levels. Please look over the list for your own grade level and help your child choose the titles that appeal to them most. Some titles can be found online while others can be ordered at your local bookstores.

Every year the ELA and Math Departments (all teachers JK-12) work on the academic continuums for all grade levels in the Elementary School and all courses in the Middle School and the Academy to best prepare students for their next level academic careers.

Although it is important for students to rest in the summer months, it is recommended that students spend stimulating and productive time working on the following summer practice activities to exercise their minds. Solutions are provided so that students may assess themselves along the way. The material attached consists of problems relating to this year’s taught curriculum. Students will be expected to show their summer practice problems in the beginning of the next school year.