Academy Counseling

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As high school begins, expectations rise. Academic rigor characterizes the Academy as students prepare to transition into higher education. Transcripts become important as grades throughout high school are now cumulative. Counselors begin advising each student on their future university options. This is done both on a 1:1 basis as well as through the Advisory courses 9th-12th grade. As early as 9th grade, counselors meet with each student and their family to create a course framework, the Academic path, to guide them in their academic and extracurricular options and choices in high school, which will ultimately lead them to their best fit higher education choices.

At the foundation of ACS Athens Academy Counseling lies the Advisory program, a series of classes that assist students in making best fit choices throughout high school and beyond. Such choices are skillfully put together in a digital portfolio (or hard copy) used to present students’ best work to universities across the world. Students spend one semester of each academic year in Advisory.

Maintaining a balance between academics and extracurricular activities is vital in this stage of the student's life and counselors, through a variety of programs, assist the students in making the best choices while maintaining optimal well being.

In addition, a comprehensive step by step guidelines brochure has recently been developed to assist student athletes explore the vast educational / athletic opportunities available to them in the United States.