About the program

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Students will identify their learning style and pertinent strategies to effectively organize their work.
Students will return home with as much of their homework or missing assignments complete as possible,
leaving them time for leisure activities and family pursuits.
Students will enhance their study skills and organizational techniques to progress as independent learners.
Students will be encouraged to discover their own answers to their questions by embracing the trial and error process and improving their problem solving skills.

Program structure

  • Students will be provided with a structured, quiet environment with designated hours for studying.
  • Students will be responsible for keeping up with their assignments by checking both Skyward and Moodle before starting their work.
  • Students will be introduced to the daily use of a calendar/planner to organize their assignments and upcoming work. They will also be encouraged to set daily goals for the completion of their homework.
  • Students will be away from all distracting stimuli (electronics) while completing their homework.
  • Students will decrease the amount of time they are working on their assignments by working in a supervised environment.
  • Students will ensure that all writings go through a process; brainstorming, outline, paragraph structure and drafts before submitting their final piece.
  • Students will be allowed structured physical breaks (time defined or task defined) to clear their mind and focus back on their work.
  • Students will be provided with immediate and direct feedback about the timely completion of their work.
  • Students will be encouraged to develop frequent communication with their classroom teachers via email and Moodle.

Program instructors:

The Program Instructors will provide homework support in the following ways:

  • Assist students’ in understanding instructions if needed. If students do not understand the directions correctly, instructors will repeat them by breaking them down into step-by-step procedures.
  • Improving students’ time management by giving them one task to complete at a time and introducing the next task, only when students have successfully completed the previous task.
  • Improving students’ organizational skills, by assisting students with keeping their binders and notebooks organized and well-presented.
  • Following a less desirable task with a more desirable task, making the completion of the first necessary to perform the second.
  • Reducing the directions to steps by giving students each additional step after completion of the previous step.
  • Emphasizing the importance of taking notes and highlighting or underlining while reading to increase reading comprehension.
  • Encouraging students to look at all available resources on Moodle so as to assist in completion of work.
  • Reading aloud to students who are auditory learners or providing them with audio books -if and when possible.
  • The Program Instructors will work in small groups with a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 6.
  • The Program Instructors will provide updates to parents via elog notes that will be shared at the end of each session via email if requested.
  • Please note that the Learning Commons Staff reserves the right not to offer a session if the Program does not reach the minimum required number of students. Additionally, should at any time during the school year the school is required to close by the greek authorities , the sessions will continue on the same days and the same times however all sessions will be virtual through the BBB function of the moodle course.