ACS Athens Homework Support Program

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The Learning Commons is the center of student and faculty collaboration, learning, research and knowledge construction at ACS Athens. This learning space provides our students and faculty with state of the art facilities, such as a media studio, a math and science studio, a writing/research studio, an incubator of students’ creative ideas, a library and more. These spaces are staffed with professionals having expertise in the fields of Mathematics, Sciences, Writing, Research, Literacy, STEAM education, and Media. Students and faculty, function as architects of their own learning as they pursue their intellectual curiosities. As referred to by a faculty member, the Learning Commons is becoming the heartbeat of education at ACS Athens.

Welcome to the Learning Commons Enhancement Programs. We are eager to provide the qualified personnel necessary and an atmosphere conducive to learning for our students. The Learning Enhancement Programs for the Elementary School, Middle School and Academy students are housed in the Learning Commons and strive to provide the individual assistance necessary for each learner to achieve academic success in the area of focus. The Coordinator of the Program, Ms. Marina Papaioannou, currently works in the Learning Commons, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from New York University, in Political Science and Classical Civilizations & Hellenic Studies, as well as a Law Degree from Pace University in New York. This year, we have emphasized our efforts towards developing the After School Homework Support Program, where small groups of up to six students work towards a common goal; whether that be homework completion, mathematics, science or increasing literacy skills and more.

Students may choose to enroll in the program for a semester or a year, with the opportunity to receive the necessary aid to maximize their skills for success and exit the program as a successful independent learner.

Mary Ann Augoustatos
Learning Commons Director
Marina Papaioannou, J.D.
Learning Commons Enhancement Programs Coordinator