spACS 2

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The spACS 2 experiment combines Physics and Chemistry to investigate the behavior of foams and emulsions under microgravity conditions focusing on Greek traditional products (ouzo liquor and petimezi syrup). 

Milestones and current status

The spACS 2 team won first place in the Hellenic Physical Society’s 1st aerospace contest (November 2018), ensuring the participation of ACS Athens to yet another Blue Origin space mission. The rocket was successfully launched on Wednesday, December 11th, 2019. Students have already started working toward publishing their scientific findings.

The team

The spACS 2 team was formed in 2018. It is an international team consisting of

  • Academy students,
  • ACS Athens faculty and staff
    • o Dr. Karampelas, Physicist/Astrophysicist, Principal Investigator
    • o Dr. Kerkines, Chemist, Co-Investigator
    • o Ms. Poulou, Physicist
    • o Mr. Arsenikos, Chemist, and
    • o Dr. Tsigaridi, Mathematician/Astrophysicist, and
  • external collaborators (Mr. Mazarakis, Mr. Botsios).