ACS Athens Tennis Academy

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Our Mission

The ACS Athens Tennis Academy was founded in 2006 and since then it provides participants the opportunity to learn and advance their tennis skills in a prestigious and safe environment. Our Tennis Academy is open to students & staff members of ACS Athens as well as children and adults from the general public. Daily schedules are filled with group sessions and individual court times. Our training sessions consider the skill level and needs of all individuals in order to allow for fun, learning, and improvement and at the same time instill the love of the sport.

Our Vision

Teaching, guiding, and interacting with children in a positive, encouraging, and supportive way, fostering responsibility, resiliency, and ethos beyond the boundaries of the sport.


Our English-speaking environment unites over 60 nationalities, celebrating their diversity and supporting individual skill development of the English Language for all our children, while encouraging intercultural exchange (Greek language may be used if needed).


Our Coaching team consist of professional tennis coaches boasting various degrees and specializations which are recognized by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport and the ITF.

Our coaches attend several tennis and first aid seminars over the year to ensure the consistent premium quality of tennis lessons according to the latest scientific standards.

Players of all levels and abilities can benefit from the expert guidance a tennis coach may offer,  accountability, mentorship, accelerated improvement, strategy and inspiration to name a few. Our expert coaches will identify your individual playing style and teach you the skills and strategies you need to amplify your game.


Our extensive training equipment supports the optimal skill development of our members throughout the lessons and includes warm up, coordination, condition and in-training features, video analysis devices and ball machines for frequencation training. Red, orange, green, and regular tennis balls, as well as mini nets, are a solid component of our training lessons, depending on the age and skill level of our participants.


Daily sessions for children take place RAIN or SHINE! The ACS Athens Tennis Academy provides alternative tennis lessons on rainy days for the students, including Indoor Mini-tennis, video analysis, general and tennis-specific condition / coordination / footwork training.

Depending on the age, skill level and needs of the participant, a training unit of 60/min typically consists of at least one technical / tennis specific coordination and one tactical exercise.

The individual short term, midterm and long-term goals of our participants and resulting training methodology of their training units are established by the Head Coach and the Coaching Team as part of a master training schedule designed for optimal skill development