Important Guidelines & Procedures

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Duration of camp:

(9.00- 15.30)

Week 1: Monday June 19- Friday June 23

Week 2: Monday June 26 - Friday June 30

Week 3: Monday July 3 - Friday July 7


Dietary /Medical: Parents must submit in writing any special dietary/medical needs (including allergies) directly to the health office Ms. Gargali Athina at, tel. 210 6070 217.

Snacks / Lunch: A snack and lunch will be provided to all the children. A sample weekly menu is available on-site. If you wish to supplement the menu, feel free to do so. Additional food items will also be available for purchase.

Attendance: Attendance will be taken every day in the morning as the children enter the school (in their respective age groups).

* If your child cannot attend for whatever reason, please contact us as soon as possible via email at or via phone directly at 210-6070289 - 210 6070294.

** IF a child arrives after 9.00am he/she must FIRST report to the Summer Camp Office for attendance before attending his/her activity.

*** IF your child is NOT feeling well (low or high fever, cough, runny nose, etc.) please do NOT send them to camp.

Activities Change Policy: Changes to the selected activities are not allowed once the schedule is finalized.

Participants may request via email (1)  activity change only if there is a serious reason and pending on availability.

Activities may change due to severe weather conditions.

Certain activities may be canceled if there aren’t enough participants registered

Refund Policy: Cancellation by June 12th: A refund is possible excluding a non-refundable fee of 100 Euros per registration.

Cancellation after June 12th: No refund is possible.

Refunds will ONLY be issued in case of a severe injury, accident, or hospitalization. A written refund request must be accompanied by a doctor's note.

"Lost & Found" Policy: Participants should not bring an excessive amount of money and/or expensive and valuable items (cell phones, cameras, etc.) to camp. Please mark all your child’s personal belongings, i.e., hat, tennis racket, etc.

The ACS Athens Summer Camp is not responsible for any lost items.

Lost and found boxes are located at the Summer Camp office and the Swimming pool and contain all the items that are found at the end of each day. At the end of Summer Camp, unclaimed items will be sent to charities.

Cell Phone Policy: It is highly recommended that cell phones and/or other electronic devices are not brought to the camp. Should there be a need for communication, participants may use the office telephone for special circumstances; the same occurs for parents/guardians wishing to contact their children. The office can be contacted, and the message will be delivered to the child(ren). If cell phones are brought to school, they MUST be turned off during the activities. The school is NOT responsible for the loss of such items

Photography, Video: Once on campus, photos and videos cannot be taken by personal devices.

Schedule Pick Up: Parents are kindly asked to come by the Summer Camp office from Monday June 12th to Friday June 16th, 9.00 am - 17.00 pm to receive the final information package including the child’s Summer Camp Name Tag, the Pick Up card, individual program schedule and other camp materials and information. Alternatively, parents may request that the above material is left at the Security Booth and can be picked up anytime before the start of the Summer Camp.

Items needed for camp IMPORTANT: Name tags must be worn at all times.

Please mark all personal items with the name of the child.

Hat/ Sunscreen/ Water bottle; important for all outdoor activities.

Tennis: tennis racket * It is highly recommended to bring your own racket. The school has a limited number of tennis rackets to be used.

Swimming: bathing suit, bathing cap, towel, slippers, personal toiletries (soap, etc.)

Procedures Drop Off & Pick Up

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For our children’s safety and the smooth operation of the Summer Camp, we ask you to adhere to the following protocol;

Drop off (Morning Arrival):

Students should be brought to school between 8:40- 9:00 AM. Students must be dropped off at the entrance as parents are not allowed to enter the campus; Parents are not allowed to enter the Campus except at departure time (15.20pm and after) and only in the designated areas

Pick Up  (Afternoon Departure):

 A “Pick Up Pass” will be issued per family; this card must be presented in order to enter the campus at departure time and leave with your child. It is your responsibility to have your “Pick Up Pass” with you and show it at all check-points in order to avoid delays and unnecessary verification

  • If you do not have the “Pick Up Pass”, entrance into the campus will NOT be allowed. You will be asked to wait until all children have left and then we can verify the information provided in your registration form and confirm your ID;
  • If somebody else is picking up your children, please make sure they have the “Pick up Pass”;
  • If you use the  Summer Camp Transportation service; If at any given moment you need to pick up your child yourself,  you must inform IN WRITING by 10.00 am BOTH the transportation office and the Summer Camp Office:, and show your "Pick Up Pass" as per the departure procedure. 

The parking lot will be open and available from 3.00 pm. Parents are allowed on campus after 15.20 and only at the designated pick-up points (see map).

Pick Up Points

  • Early Childhood children (JK/KG) will be picked up from their respective classrooms;
  • Lower Primary (entering GR1 in September) and Upper Primary (entering G2 in September); will be waiting at their respective front outdoor amphitheaters;
  • Kiddos (children entering GR3 & GR4 in September); front court tables;
  • Juniors / Teens (children entering GR5 & and higher); front court volleyball court.