Rules and regulations

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  • All swimmers must take a shower before and after swimming.
  • Diving into the pool is absolutely forbidden unless it is part of the swimming lesson.
  • Swimmers with open wounds, sores or skin infections are not permitted in the pool at any time.
  • No rough play, running or shoving etc in the pool area.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the pool area.
  • All pool equipment must be used with respect and for their intended use.
  • DRESS CODE: swimmers are required to wear a bathing cap, goggles and swim suits (no cutoffs, gym shorts / boxer shorts are allowed). Students must wear flip flops when walking into the pool area. A tower or a bath robe is also needed.


Official certificates / papers from a Cardiologist and a Dermatologist are needed. NO SWIMMERS will be allowed to swim without providing the school with these documents.

*** For those returning, an updated PHYSICAL EXAMINATION is required prior to the beginning of the program.