High-Performance Athlete Program

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The well established ACS Athens Tennis Program Academy(originated in 2006) gives the opportunity to young children as well as adults to learn and advance their tennis skills. The Academy program takes place on a yearly basis and three sessions are available.


  • The ACS Athens Tennis Program daily sessions take place rain or shine
  • The Program is also available to adults; flexible schedule is available
  • Family Memberships, Group Training and Individual Training Programs are available
  • Selected participants participate in friendly competitions (at the school premises or away). The final decision on the athletes who are involved is determined by the coaches.
  • The high-performance athletes may participate in national and European Tournaments

See here more information on the Academy and online registration.

The High-Performance Athlete Program is the Academy's passion.

What to expect from the High-Performance Athlete Program

  • 8-25 hours per week tennis training
  • 3-6 hours per week footwork and fitness training
  • Individualized tennis and fitness training plans (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Micro,Meso,Macro individual training planning and targets (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Addressing Psychological components and psychological “warfare” during matches
  • Video analyzes and tactic learning and training (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Annual Tournament planning (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Match and Statistics analyses (with app) after matches (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Post Match Opponent Evaluations (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Daily training evaluation done by coaches and HP Athletes (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Physiological evaluation (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Global Athlete evaluation (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Nutrition planning (on request and extra cost) (shared “athlete folder”)
  • Tennis specific swimming work out plan (shared “athlete folder”)
  • HP Athletes are observed by Academy coaches as much as possible
  • Positive motivation as foundation for success
  • Supporting the athletes and their individual personalities in” on and off court” matters.
  • Guidance by the coaches to insure a strong character development of the athletes

What the Academy expects from its High-Performance Program athletes

  • Mindset before, during and after training and matches
  • Routines before, during and after training and matches
  • Intense “Hard working ethic and Fighting spirit “by the athletes during training units and matches
  • Social, ethical and respectful behavior during training units and matches
  • Match preparation and post match evaluation
  • Vital knowledge of and engagement in the individual Athlete files
  • Vital engagement in the theory tactic lessons and given homework.
  • Punctuality for training lessons