OLP Class

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The Optimal Learning Program Classroom is a ‘pull out’ support service for students who require the attainment of academic skills so as to better perform in the educational setting. Small group classroom instruction and cooperative learning activities are incorporated within the student’s curriculum to complement various learning abilities. OLP Classroom takes place on the OLP floor in the designated Elementary, Middle School or Academy OLP classes. 

  1. This class takes place during a specific block of time and meets regularly (3 times a week). In Middle School and Academy it takes the place of a Block (course). 
  2. During OLP class, students work on areas of identified weakness by utilizing their strengths and learning strategies, which are modeled, practiced and eventually generalized throughout all mainstream classroom settings.
  3. Students receive an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), which is based on their psycho-educational report, and are provided accommodations that cater to their learning needs. ILP goals are targeted through one-to-one or small group instruction.
  4. The OLP Specialist is in close collaboration with teachers and parents to ensure that progress in OLP class is transferred to the regular classroom. This process involves identifying limitations and difficulties the student may experience in being successful in the regular classroom.
  5. Formal communication with parents takes place at the end of the school year, when the ILP is reviewed, progress is discussed and new goals for the following school year are set. The parents of the newly enrolled students meet with the OLP team in the beginning of the school year. The OLP Specialists also participate in the Parent-Teacher Conferences that take place across all schools(Elementary, Middle and Academy). In addition, communication between the professionals of the OLP and parents is continuous and ongoing throughout the year via phone calls or emails as often as necessary.