OLP Support Plan for Instruction, Assessment and Accessibility (SPIAA)

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The Optimal Learning Program Support Plan for Instruction, Assessment and Accessibility (SPIAA) is a support service for students who need accommodations to help them succeed in the classroom. This service does not involve classroom instruction, person-to-person consultation or monitoring. It is a minimal support service for students in the OLP who have progressed as independent learners.

  1. The OLP Specialist meets with the student once in the beginning of the academic year to review his/her support plan. The student, parent or faculty member is then responsible for contacting the OLP Specialist if and when assistance is needed. It is the responsibility of the student, parent or faculty member to contact the OLP Specialist.
  2. Students in OLP SPIAA are entitled to accommodations, which are specific to each student’s needs and are stated in the psycho-educational assessment provided. Accommodations are specific guidelines for teachers to follow so that individual student needs are met. These guidelines are presented in the student’s SPIAA. Faculty members are responsible for implementing/providing these accommodations. For example, if a student’s accommodation requires a quiet space and/or additional time for test-taking, the accommodation will be arranged by the OLP Specialist for the student to either take the test in the regular classroom or in the designated OLP classrooms.
  3. The OLP Specialist may communicate with members of the faculty which helps regulate the progress of a SPIAA student.

ILP/SPIAA Documents

The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is a formal, comprehensive document that outlines each student’s profile. It indicates the student’s learning difference, preferred learning style, strengths and areas of difficulty. It also states the accommodations students are eligible for and lists the goals the OLP Specialist has set, based on her review of the psycho-educational assessment and the feedback provided by faculty members.

The ILP/SPIAA is reviewed and renewed at the end of the school year during a scheduled parent meeting. New goals are set for the next school year. These meetings take place every school year during May and June.

For new students, the ILP meetings take place by the end of September or in the first few weeks upon a student’s enrollment to OLP.